Ever been bored of going to the gym, doing your own thing and then giving up 10 minutes later. There are a lot of alternatives but there is one,  that has many benefits,  and that is training outdoors. There is research that suggest outdoor fitness might have even more benefits than training in a gym.

Training outside can massively improve your mental health, being in the green space in natural environments can be good for your mental health.
There are study’s showing that exercising outdoors greater decreases tension, confusion anger and depression than training in a gym.

The fresh air, the sunlight, The scenery and the open space are positives that you will not get being stuck indoors.  Research shows that training outside can greatly improve attention and focus and you are less likely to give up of you were in a gym.

When feeling sluggish fresh air can up the effect. Sunlight can improve fast healing and less pain and increasing your vitamin D therefore there is a less chance of being overweight.